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As Ghana Medical Volunteers, you will have to adapt to conditions that may be dramatically different than you have ever experienced and modify lifestyle practices that you now take for granted. Even the most basic practices— talking, eating, using the bathroom, and sleeping — may take significantly different forms in the context of Ghana. If you successfully adapt and integrate, you will in return be rewarded with a deep understanding of a new culture, the establishment of new and potentially lifelong relationships, and a profound sense of humanity.

Health and Safety

Ghana is one of the safest countries in Africa. In the Global Peace Index it is ranked above both the United Kingdom and the US. It is the perfect introduction for first time volunteers to Africa. It has a democratic electoral process and a stable economy. VPWA team shall ensure your health and safety at all times and you'll have emergency support 24/7.

Pokuase, Achimota all in Accra are where some volunteers live for their program. Others who prefer more rural life live in Darmang and Amanase all in Eastern Region of Ghana. All residences are in highly safe neighborhoods. 
Getting to Workplace:(Individual Volunteers & Interns)

Ghana Medical Volunteer placements are mostly within the Greater Accra Region,Eastern Region, Ashanti and Volta Region of Ghana. If your chosen program  is in Greater Accra  and Eastern Region, you shall be living in a house that also host VPWA Head office in Pokuase in Greater Accra of Ghana. Volunteers will have to commute by public bus to and from work place Monday-Friday.

Cost for Individual Applicant

Volunteers pay some amount of money to us to take care of your accommodation and meals (dinner 1x).








1 Week

 390 EURO

280 GBP

430 USD

2 Weeks    

 490 EURO

 350  GBP

540 USD

3 Weeks

 560 EURO

 400 GBP

620 USD

      4 Weeks  (1month)                      

700 EURO

 500 GBP

770 USD

5 week

 840 Euros

600 GBP

930 USD

6 Weeks

 940 Euros

 670 GBP

1040 USD

 8 weeks  (2months)    

 1140 Euros

810 GBP

1260 USD

 12 weeks (3 months)

 1540 Euros

 1090 GBP

1700 USD

 16 weeks (4 months)    

 1940 Euros

 1370 GBP

2140 USD

 5 months    

 2260 Euros

 1570 GBP

2492 USD

 6 months    

 2400 Euros

 1700 GBP

2700 USD

*****Please note: All programs attract a Registration Fee of 150 Euros/ 100 GBP/ 160 USD on top of the Program Fee.


Registration Fee (Non Refundable if you choose not to go) – Application Review and processing, administration costs, Visa Support letter, 24/7 emergency support from VPWA, Program marketing costs, Pre-departure information, travel costs to inspect programs, VPWA Education & Health Fund and communication costs with volunteers. 

Program Fee – Airport pick up only, orientation, Supervision, accommodation and meals(dinner) during volunteer placement period, In-country 24/7 volunteer support and In-country administration costs.


•    Airfare to Ghana
•    Visa Fees
•    Vaccinations and immunizations
•    Personal insurance
•    Personal spending
                                      In-country travel

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