Group Volunteering

Ghana Medical Volunteers organizes outreaches through out the year for groups of professionals, medical and pre-med students.

Group programs always turn on your heart and offer such a great memorable fun, which is never forgotten. So exciting, so educative so memorable that whatever you learn and encounter, you do not need an extra effort to have it stuck in your memory. Group programs are tailored for any group of persons.

Our tailor made trips are suitable for groups from all areas of society: college students on a summer break, students from a class or university department, , work colleagues or even a group of friends looking for a truly original volunteering experience with an African organization!

In picture(VPWA Volunteers and Portia Sey, Director

of Administration & Finance-GMV VPWA Program)

Location of Program:

Greater Accra, Eastern Region, Ashanti Region.Central Regions(for tours only). The regions are the selected provinces within Ghana for which a particular medical outreach will undertake it work base on the need at each period in time.

Schedule & Cost



Group Size

Cost Per Person

Two  weeks


800   Euros

Four weeks


1600 Euros

Two weeks


750   Euros

Four weeks


1500 Euros

Two weeks


700   Euros

Four weeks


1400 Euros


Fees include:


  • Airport Pick up & Drop off
  • In-country tours as specified in Programme Itinerary
  • In-Country Guide
  • Orientations
  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast and Dinner
  • Project fees
  • Daily travel to communities for outreach (buses)
  • Park entrance fees


 It does not include:

•    Airfare to Ghana
•    Visa
•    Vaccinations and immunizations
•    Personal insurance
•    Personal spending



Program Itinerary:


1st day:                                     



Arrive in Accra, Ghana. Transfer from airport to VPWA Head office. Shown your new residence. Welcome drink and orientation. Dinner provided.


2nd day:


Orientation on Ghana and Accra City tour


Morning: Undergo an orientation of Ghanaian social structure , lectures on political and economic history, survival language lessons, cultural do’s and don’ts, health matters, socially accepted behaviors, work ethics in Ghana, expectations of the institution and the host project. The language lessons will be to learn some basics of Twi language and be able to respond to greetings and simple questions which Ghanaians will be asking you as you go about your duties. Ghanaians are generally friendly people and greeting one another is part of the culture.


Afternoon:  Accra City tour. You will drive through the administrative and economic districts of Accra, Capital of Ghana. This 128-year-old city has a blend of colonial and modern architecture. You will visit the, Independence Square and James Town where you will see James Fort and Usher fort. A possible climb on ‘light house’ to see Accra from above.



3rd day:


Morning: Orientation on health care in Ghana.  A visit to the District/Municipal Health Directorate where an orientation will be offered to volunteers on health care in Ghana and detailed presentation on health situation in the communities for which volunteers will be volunteering.  


Mid day: A visit to the first community for which the medical outreach team will be expected to start work. This is familiarisation tour to know the community and meet the Chief of the village.  


4th Day:


Work starts! Each morning, a bus will bring volunteers and medical supplies, equipments to the community for the outreach to commence. You will be expected to start your work from Monday to Friday (9:00am-2pm) except on public holidays and weekends.





Weekend is for group tour included in your cost of volunteering.


Tours for two weeks group volunteers:

  1. Accra City tour(James Fort, Usher Fort, Independence Square, Makola Market & Osu (Greater Accra Region)
  2. Visit to Cape Coast Castle (Central Region
  3. Visit to VPWA Green Ghana Project Site(Eastern Region
  4. Visit to Kakum National Park (Central Region
  5. Visit to Hans Crocodile (Central Region)


Tours for four weeks group volunteers:


1.               Accra City tour(James Fort, Usher Fort, Independence Square, Makola Market & Osu (Greater Accra Region)

2.               Visit to Cape Coast Castle (Central Region

3.               Visit to VPWA Green Ghana Project Site(Eastern Region

4.               Visit to Kakum National Park (Central Region

5.               Visit to Hans Crocodile (Central Region)

6.               Visit to Elmina Castle (Central Region)

7.               Visit to Wli waterfalls (Volta Region)

8.               Visit to Mountain Afadjato (Volta Region)

9.               Visit to Mole National Park (Northern Region)


You shall be provided with meals: 2x daily. (Breakfast & Dinner-Inclusive in total package).

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