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Deworm Ghana 2012 Project

Program Information:

During July 6th, 2011 – July 19th, 2012, over 5000 children in  public schools in some district within Eastern Region of

Ghana  will be treated for soil-transmitted worm infestation, which causes a host of serious health problems and often prevents children from attending school or being able to concentrate while in class.

Children will be dewormed by International team of volunteers in partnerships with Community Health Centres. Volunteers from around the world will be screened and recruited by VPWA. The international team of volunteers will be trained to administer deworming medicine Mebendazole (500 mg) and to teach students about the dangers of worms.

Mass deworming programs based in schools are recommended by World Health Organization (WHO) and cost just pennies per child. Studies prove deworming is the most cost-effective way of increasing education.

The program is been organized by Volunteer Partnerships for West Africa (VPWA) through the Ghana Medical Volunteers program.

Cost and Payment

PROGRAM PRICE.-800(Now €480) /$1100(Now $660)/ £680(Now £408 -This includes a training

workshop on administering deworming medicine, accommodations, meals, in-country transportation related to the program, a Ghana Medical Volunteers- VPWA ID card and T- Shirt, certificate, field trips and group excursions. Not Included in the cost is airfare, visa, inoculations, personal expenses or other costs such as extra nights lodging and meals due to unforeseen events. Academic credit available for students. (Confirm with your college).

Deposit and Payment

Program Deposit: 200Euro/$275 program fee plus 40Euro/$50 application fee, due at the time of application, paid to VPWA.

BALANCE DUE: 15th May 2012.



If a volunteer withdraws, please write to Ghana Medical Volunteers program coordinator, there will be no deposit refund. If volunteers withdraw after 15th May, 2012, you forfeit all payments made to the program.




1.      CANCELLATIONS AND CHANGES to flight arrangements- Penalties may apply if a change or cancellation is made after the flight confirmation date. These penalties may be severe; often air tickets are totally NON-REFUNDABLE, according to the airline policies. IMPORTANT- We recommend trip interruption/cancellation insurance.


2.     IDENTIFICATION DOCUMENTS- Each volunteer must have his/her own PASSPORT which is valid for the entire time outside your country of residence. You are responsible for obtaining this document. Please note that it may take up to 8 weeks to process an application of passport in most countries. Visa is required to enter Ghana.


3.     INOCULATIONS – Volunteers must consult travel medical clinic or family doctor for inoculations (yellow fever is required) and prophylaxis for malaria.



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