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Areas of Work

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The Ghana Medical Volunteers program offer volunteers an opportunity to work in a health facility in Ghana. In
the health project, volunteers support the local doctors and nurses. Work ranges from observational to basic assistance, depending on l
evel of knowledge, experience, and skill. As a volunteer you can work with a health center within a local community by observing and assisting with a local medical practice. Access to basic healthcare is often one of the most challenging issues that low-income and neglected populations face.

Community level intervention and local health clinics offer services to local families at minimal or no cost. With the introduction of a medical insurance in Ghana, attendance to healthcare facilities have skyrocketed making the support of volunteers indispensable. Working on health projects offers a wonderful opportunity for volunteers to become familiar with the challenges and health issues of developing countries.

The working conditions may not be what you are used to. The equipment is quite basic and the amount and variety of medicines are very limited. Volunteers record attendance, patient history, temperatures, perform patient examinations, provide pre-natal care, assist in deliveries, offer education to clinic patients and community groups on ways of preventing diseases affecting them most. 

Persons applying for this opportunity must be professionals in this field or students studying courses related to medicine in a university or college. If you have the inclination for medicine and you shall be taking up a course soon but also want a field experience, you can apply but you have to demonstrate strong commitment and competence.


Services provided by the hospitals and clinics are mostly in the area of;


General Health Consulting

Child Welfare Clinic

Surgical Care

Family Planning

Nutritional Care

Cervix Care

Community Psychiatric clinic

Ante-Natal and Post-Natal Care.

Dental Clinic 

However, there are about 8 satellite community clinics within our program that offers general health care and most volunteers are likely to work in
those centres. 
On arrival in Ghana and after orientation by the Health Directorate, volunteers are dispersed to work in the communities that their peculiar interest lies and where their service is needed.

The GROUP Volunteer Program is distinct and different and you might want to explore what is involved

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