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Student Internships

Medical volunteers interested in Africa are ideal candidates to be medical interns in a hospital or clinic in Africa. Interning in Ghana is a valuable way to explore the field of medicine. Medical interns in Ghana are usually incorporated into the daily routine of the local medical hospital or clinic quickly, where the work can be interesting and varied.

There is a wide variety of departments within the hospitals and clinics that our medical volunteers can investigate while they are interning. From pharmacology to maternity, you can generally explore whatever subjects interest you most or you find the most challenging.

Services provided by the hospitals and clinics are mostly in the area of;


General Health Consulting

Child Welfare Clinic

Surgical Care

Family Planning

Nutritional Care

Cervix Care

Community Psychiatric clinic

Ante-Natal and Post-Natal Care.

Dental Clinic 


Medical Internship in Africa

Medical internships in Africa are filled with numerous opportunities for volunteers who are interested in medicine or want to work in a hospital. Volunteers who decide to participate in a medical internship in Africa will have the chance to see medical procedures, help in clinical and hospital work, and gain valuable experience.

Hospitals in Africa are not generally equipped with all the modern equipment that is available in the United States and many other more westernized countries. So for these medical internships a strong interest in medicine and a desire to help others are very important. High school students interested in becoming doctors, pre-med undergraduate college students, medical school students, students who want to take a glide year and doctors are all people who are qualified and wanted for these medical internships in Africa.

This is an alternative medical internship program to such programs offered by organizations like Doctors Without Borders, The Generation of Change and Growth and Medical Missions for Children – all of which require a long term commitment and pre-existing skills.

High School and College Interns in Medicine in Africa

Students of all academic backgrounds and interests are typically welcome to volunteer as a medical intern in Africa because there are generally no prerequisite courses or experiences. Volunteers who are high school or college students, who want to become doctors, are on the pre-med undergraduate track, are in medical school or are taking a glide year before starting medical school might be particularly interested in doing a medical internship in Africa.

Many of the volunteers have found doing medical volunteer work in Africa to be tremendously gratifying. Medical interns are often given the opportunity to care for sick or injured people and to learn new medical techniques that they would not have been exposed to until their second or third year of medical school. Medical internships in Africa give the volunteers the chance to do important volunteer work in countries that need help and possibly obtain new knowledge in medical techniques and practices.

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