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International Volunteer HQ's Impact

133,162 volunteers

empowered to make an impact abroad

8 million hours

of volunteer work

16 years experience

as the world’s leading volunteer organization

Our Impact

At International Volunteer HQ, positively impacting people and the planet is at the core of everything we do. This is our purpose. Our volunteer programs exist to empower socially and environmentally-conscious travelers to make a meaningful difference, to foster cultural exchange and to expand their skills and horizons. We’re the facilitators, but it’s the incredible contributions from our volunteers that make it all possible.

Reporting on the impact of our volunteers, as well as the impact of our organization’s operations, is important to us. It enables us to demonstrate complete transparency, celebrate the incredible work of our volunteers, and hold ourselves accountable to our commitment to being a force for good in the world. Download our Impact Report!

Check out how IVHQ volunteers made an impact in 2022:
2022 Volunteer Impact Summary International Volunteer HQ.2022 Volunteer Impact Summary International Volunteer HQ.2022 Volunteer Impact Summary International Volunteer HQ.

Our Impact Report is a summary of what we and our volunteers have collectively achieved to bring positive transformation to communities around the world during 2022.

See Our 2022 Impact Report

How IVHQ volunteers make an impact

Here are just a few of the amazing achievements from IVHQ volunteers on our programs:
Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations

We contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations

The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face, including poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice.

All IVHQ volunteer programs work towards one or more Sustainable Development Goals. Volunteers directly contribute to initiatives that promote good health, quality education, climate action, reduced inequalities, no poverty, zero hunger, life on land, life below water and much more.

IVHQ is carbon neutral and certified Zero Carbon Business Operations.

IVHQ’s operations are Carbon Neutral

IVHQ is proud to be certified Zero Carbon Business Operations. Since April 2019, we have measured and offset the carbon footprint of our business operations to ensure these have no negative impact on the climate. The solar panels in our head office provide most of our electricity requirements and we have purchased certified carbon credits with Ekos to offset non-renewable head office energy consumption and business travel undertaken by our staff.

These certified carbon credits are sourced from projects that grow and protect forests in our home country, New Zealand, as well as other neighbouring Pacific Islands. These projects help to deliver climate resilience, waterways protection, erosion control, biodiversity conservation and community economic development.

In addition, we encourage all our volunteers to go ‘carbon neutral’ by enabling them to purchase their own carbon credits through IVHQ to offset the negative impact of their flights.

How IVHQ employees make an impact

As a certified B Corporation, we believe that every organization has an active role to play in supporting the community in which they operate. To date, IVHQ has invested more than $200,000 into locally-run clubs, organizations and social enterprises that address important social or environmental needs.

Here are just a few of the awesome ways the IVHQ team has supported the local community in New Zealand:

  • Sponsored the environmental education program, Enviroschools, which is focused on supporting children and young people in New Zealand to understand and implement sustainability practices within their communities
  • Sponsored volunteer organizations within our local community, including Big Brothers Big Sisters, Hospice New Zealand, Taranaki Cancer Society, Surf Life Saving and the Taranaki Rescue Helicopter Trust
  • Launched a program which recognizes and celebrates volunteers who give back to the sport of rugby in collaboration with the Taranaki Rugby Union
  • Launched an Athletes In Schools program to give young people the opportunity to engage with an Olympic medalist and learn about the dedication and focus that it takes to perform at the highest level
  • Introduced a Social Innovation Award as part of the New Zealand Young Enterprise Scheme to encourage aspiring young business leaders in our community to actively consider how they can develop businesses concepts to deliver sustainable positive impact
  • Planted hundreds of trees within the local community in collaboration with the New Plymouth District Council
  • Took part in and supported beach clean-ups across Auckland in collaboration with Sustainable Coastlines
  • Regularly support home renovation projects for deserving families at Christmas with the Mellowpuff Trust
IVHQ Staff working with the Mellowpuff Foundation at Christmas timeIVHQ Staff collecting and delivering food boxes for local families in need at Christmas time

Which impactful program best suits you?

”I really loved my Special Needs Care volunteer program in Vietnam. Each day is packed with things to do and so at the end of each day, you really feel like you did something to impact someone’s life. There is full support from the IVHQ staff to support you prior, during and after your trip. I really recommend these volunteer projects to anyone wanting to help out the community and make a difference to someone’s life.”

Which impactful program best suits you?