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Couples and Honeymoon Travelers

Couples and Honeymoon Travelers

Looking for a break with your significant other but tired of the same old touristy experiences? Interested in booking a unique honeymoon that doesn’t revolve around expensive resorts? Instead of the stereotypical honeymoon or couple’s vacation, why not embark on a journey that combines love, adventure, and the power of giving back?

Volunteering abroad as a couple with International Volunteer HQ allows you to bond on a deeper level, immerse yourselves in vibrant cultures, and create memories that transcend the ordinary. Discover the joy of giving back as a couple and let your love story unfold amidst breathtaking landscapes and heartfelt connections. It’s time to rewrite the traditional travel narrative and embark on an extraordinary adventure that will leave a lasting impression - not just on you as a couple but on the community itself.

Quote from Ashley

Volunteering abroad as a couple made us so much stronger. We both learned so much about ourselves - and each other - while volunteering, and while traveling in general. You will be faced with stressful situations and uncomfortable experiences, but you will also make some of the most unbelievable memories of your life while you are volunteering with IVHQ. It’s pretty amazing to share that with someone you love.

IVHQ Volunteer Ashley - Teaching in Bali Quote from Ashley
How to volunteer abroad as a couple or honeymoon travelers with IVHQ.

How to volunteer abroad as a couple with IVHQ

If you’re ready to start planning an active couples holiday or alternative honeymoon, the next step is to apply for your chosen destination and volunteer project. We have an incredible range of volunteer project options that are perfect for couples, including conservation, education, community development and more!

Having the couples adventure of a lifetime can be done in these easy steps:

  • Apply for your chosen destination and project
  • You will need to complete an application form each and mention that you are volunteering together (and if you require private accommodation)
  • Confirm your place by paying the Registration Fee
  • Prepare for your trip with the guidance of your IVHQ Program Manager
  • Depart for your destination
  • Our local team will collect you from the airport and support you every step of the way!

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Best volunteer abroad programs for couples & honeymoons

Most couples like the experience of being hosted in a local homestay, with many host families being able to accommodate a couple in a private room. When applying to volunteer with IVHQ, ensure you make a note of your preferred living arrangements.

These are the top destination recommendations for couples volunteering abroad together - all of these programs offer private room accommodation upgrade options.

Volunteer in Argentina
Buenos Aires Córdoba
Volunteer in Argentina - Cordoba with International Volunteer HQ
1 - 12 weeks
Ages 16+ and families
Program Fees from $350
Volunteer in Australia
Volunteer in Australia with IVHQ
1 - 4 weeks
Ages 18+
Program Fees from $1035
Volunteer in Bali
Lovina Ubud & Nusa Penida
Volunteer abroad in Bali, Indonesia with International Volunteer HQ
1 - 12 weeks
Ages 16+ and families
Program Fees from $385
Volunteer in Costa Rica
Manuel Antonio San Jose & surrounding areas
Volunteer abroad in Costa Rica with International Volunteer HQ
1 - 24 weeks
Ages 16+ and families
Program Fees from $445
Volunteer in Fiji
Sigatoka on the Coral Coast of Fiji
Volunteer abroad in Fiji with International Volunteer HQ
1 - 12 weeks
Ages 17+ and families
Program Fees from $450
Volunteer in Guatemala
Antigua and Sipacate
Volunteer abroad in Guatemala with International Volunteer HQ
1 - 24 weeks
Ages 16+ and families
Program Fees from $385
Volunteer in India
Delhi Kerala
Volunteer abroad in India with International Volunteer HQ
1 - 24 weeks
Ages 18+ and families
Program Fees from $275
Volunteer in Italy
Volunteer abroad in Italy with International Volunteer HQ
2 - 12 weeks
Ages 18+ and families
Program Fees from $1265
Volunteer in Jordan
Become a volunteer in Jordan with International Volunteer HQ
1 - 12 weeks
16+ accompanied or 18+
Program Fees from $854
Volunteer in Laos
Luang Prabang in northern Laos
Volunteer abroad in Laos with International Volunteer HQ
1 - 12 weeks
Ages 16+ and families
Program Fees from $285
Volunteer in Morocco
Rabat, Casablanca and Sale
Volunteer abroad in Morocco with International Volunteer HQ
1 - 24 weeks
Ages 18+ and families
Program Fees from $335
Volunteer in Nepal
Kathmandu, Chitwan, and Pokhara
Volunteer abroad in Nepal with International Volunteer HQ
1 - 12 weeks
Ages 16+ and families
Program Fees from $275
Volunteer in New Zealand
Volunteer abroad in New Zealand with International Volunteer HQ
2 - 12 weeks
Ages 18+ and families
Program Fees from $1070
Volunteer in Peru
Cusco Lima
Volunteer abroad in Peru with International Volunteer HQ
1 - 24 weeks
Ages 16+ and families
Program Fees from $275
Volunteer in Portugal
Lisbon, Albufeira and Mafra
Volunteer abroad in Portugal with International Volunteer HQ
1 - 12 weeks
Ages 16+ and families
Program Fees from $615
Volunteer in Thailand
Hua Hin Chiang Rai
Volunteer abroad in Thailand with International Volunteer HQ
1 - 12 weeks
Ages 16+ and families
Program Fees from $305
Volunteer in Zambia
Livingstone and surrounding suburbs
Volunteer abroad in Zambia with International Volunteer HQ
1 - 16 weeks
Ages 18+ and families
Program Fees from $385


Couples can either participate on a volunteer project together or on individual projects aligned to their unique skills or interests. When volunteering abroad with International Volunteer HQ, you can still be accommodated together while participating on different projects. IVHQ offers a wide range of volunteer projects in various fields such as education, healthcare, conservation, construction, and community development.

International Volunteer HQ welcomes volunteers of all ages, including couples. While some programs require participants to be at least 18 years-old, there are some programs which can host volunteers under 18. There is no upper age limit as long as volunteers are in good health and able to participate in their chosen projects.

Most IVHQ programs do not require specific qualifications or prior experience. You just require a passion for making a positive impact and a willingness to help out where your support is most needed. Some projects, such as Medical volunteer projects, may require specific skills or qualifications. The specific project descriptions provide more details about any necessary requirements.

Consider factors such as the project focus, location, duration, and the skills required plus what you both want individually in terms of the location and type of project you want to give your time and efforts to. IVHQ also provides guidance and support through our volunteer experts, who can help you select a program that suits both of your interests. Take our couples volunteering abroad quiz to find out which program best suits you best!

IVHQ programs are designed to accommodate English-speaking volunteers. In many countries, English is widely spoken, and local coordinators and staff are fluent in English. It is still helpful to learn some basic phrases in the local language to enhance your cultural immersion and interactions with the local community.

IVHQ strives to offer the most affordable and high quality volunteer programs. The fees cover accommodation, meals, pre-departure support, airport pick-up, orientation, and 24/7 in-country support. The program fees vary depending on your chosen destination and project. You should note that you are responsible for arranging your own flights, visas (if required), travel insurance, and personal expenses.

IVHQ has 20+ destinations that offer private room upgrades if that is what you prefer. There are also plenty of destinations that offer homestay accommodation, where you will often have your own bedroom in a local family’s house. But some couples love to join the other volunteers in shared accommodation, so it’s completely up to you! Check out the list at the top of the page or reach out to the IVHQ team of volunteer experts for more personalized recommendations.

IVHQ prioritizes the safety and well-being of volunteers. There is a comprehensive safety management system in place, including regular safety assessments, local staff support, and 24/7 emergency support. The IVHQ team also provides pre-departure information and safety guidelines to ensure you have a safe volunteering experience. It is also essential to follow local laws and customs, practice personal safety precautions, and maintain open communication with the IVHQ local team.

IVHQ programs provide volunteers with free time to explore their host country and spend quality time together. The specific amount of free time may vary depending on the project and destination, however most projects require around 3 - 6 hours of volunteering per day, Monday - Friday. This leaves plenty of time for exploring in your afternoons, evenings and weekends! IVHQ absolutely encourages volunteers to immerse themselves in the local culture, interact with fellow volunteers, and make the most of their experience.

Volunteering together as a couple with IVHQ can have a positive impact on your relationship. It allows you to share meaningful experiences, strengthen your bond through teamwork and mutual support, and create lifelong memories together. It also provides opportunities to learn and grow as individuals and as a couple.

To prepare for your volunteering experience with IVHQ, you can start by researching the specific program and destination you’re interested in. IVHQ provides pre-departure information and support to help you prepare for your journey. This includes details about the project, cultural information, recommended vaccinations, visa requirements, and packing lists. You can also reach out to IVHQ’s volunteer advisors for any specific questions or concerns you may have.

A unique honeymoon can involve elements of personalization, exotic destinations, cultural immersion, adventure, unconventional accommodations, off-the-beaten track experiences, and meaningful memories.

Volunteering abroad through IVHQ ticks all the boxes for a unique honeymoon, making it a popular option for couples looking to have everything organized for them.

Costa Rica: Known for its lush rainforests, beautiful beaches, and abundant wildlife, Costa Rica provides honeymooners with ample opportunities for eco-adventures and relaxation. For an alternative honeymoon in Costa Rica, IVHQ offers a diverse range of volunteer programs suited to couples based in San Jose, Manuel Antonio and other coastal locations.

Thailand: Beyond the vibrant cities and exotic islands, Thailand offers an immersive cultural experience for honeymooners, particularly for those who choose a volunteer honeymoon.

Bali: Typically a popular destination for honeymooners seeking a mix of relaxation, adventure, and cultural immersion. Couples seeking a more unique honeymoon experience can opt to join a volunteer program through IVHQ.

Portugal: With stunning coastlines, charming medieval towns and the picturesque countryside, Portugal offers a diverse range of landscapes for an alternative honeymoon. For something even more unique, try a volunteer honeymoon in Portugal through IVHQ with opportunities ranging from Environmental Scuba Diving and Biological Park Conservation to Youth Support and Food Rescue.

Morocco: Known for its diverse geography, ranging from the Sahara Desert to the stunning Atlas Mountains and picturesque coastal towns, Morocco is perfect for honeymooners looking to get off the beaten path. For a honeymoon in Morocco with a difference, explore the diverse range of volunteer opportunities available to couples through IVHQ.

Here are some ways to incorporate local culture and traditions into a honeymoon:

  • Research customs and etiquette beforehand
  • Stay in locally-owned accommodations
  • Sample traditional cuisine and visit local eateries
  • Engage in cultural activities and attend festivals
  • Explore museums and historical sites
  • Interact with locals and learn from their experiences
  • Learn basic phrases in the local language
  • Support local artisans and businesses for souvenirs

Embracing the local culture through volunteering abroad enhances the honeymoon experience through establishing meaningful connections with the local community members.

Some unique accommodation options for honeymooners through IVHQ include:

  • Bali: Private villa upgrades are available for couples
  • Costa Rica: Private rooms available for couples with local homestays
  • Madagascar: Open-air huts on the island of Nosy Komba

To balance relaxation and adventure on a unique honeymoon:

  • Plan a diverse itinerary with a mix of relaxing and adventurous activities
  • Choose a destination that offers both serene settings and exciting opportunities, such as Bali or Costa Rica.
  • Split your honeymoon between different locations and activities, such as beachside resorts, or volunteer programs.
  • Include adventurous day trips or excursions while allowing time for relaxation
  • Communicate and compromise with your partner to find a satisfying balance
  • Seek out adventure activities that also offer moments of relaxation
  • Stay flexible and open to spontaneous adjustments

Finding the right balance will ensure a honeymoon that combines both relaxation and thrilling experiences. Booking a volunteer honeymoon through IVHQ means you’ll have the perfect balance of volunteering and free time with the opportunity to explore your host destination together.

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